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Thursday, March 19, 2015

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Comments from a Short Course Subscriber:
Thank you for sending me these short courses.  You have no idea how what you have sent has helped me in my life. Sometimes I might be feeling a little out of sorts and when I come to my computer and read what is waiting there for me to discover, my whole attitude about the day changes. I think "BEingThere.net" saves lifes (sic). 

Comment from a Bookstore Customer:

Thank you so much for writing the book I have been looking for! (Feeling Your Way Along)

Comments from a Member in the Hearth:

"This forum is doing just what it is supposed to do - it invites members to explore many of the common lessons of personal growth. Look at the topics in the MID Hall to see what I mean.

Forum Member, Karen:
"I’ve connected some of the dots recently. I attribute a great part of this to having the opportunity to work in the Forum. These seem like unrelated subjects, but the jumble just sorted out a bit. I think it happened because I have access to Forum guidance and connection, all the time. It is physically impossible to have these conversations without the Forum."

Forum Member, Chris

"...I am appreciating the forum much more. You are my people, I can relate here in a way that is not available to me anywhere else. I really like it when we interact together here. "


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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Everyone loves emotional platitudes like "Have a Nice Day" or "Stay Positive", or even "Good Morning" or "Happy Birthday". These common phrases remind someone of pleasantness in life, which is often welcome relief to the drudgery of daily life. But they also connote that emotions can be manipulated, and should be manipulated. When taken to the extreme, they can connote that one is failing if they are not manipulating their emotions toward positive experience; failing to feel "appropriately" and failing to support the common delusion of manipulated emotions.

If one is to realize Higher Consciousness however, he or she must learn to deal with all of their emotions, regardless of the definitions. Making the break from the common delusion of manipulated emotions toward the reality of unaltered emotions is frightening for most people. They will resist the concept, dabble in its execution, and set arbitrary limits on how far they will go into the depths of what they would label as "negative" emotion. It plain terrifies most people, so much so that they scorn the message and the messenger alike. This sets up the need for emotional disharmony to awaken someone, which often comes in the form of emotional crisis.

Inevitably, Higher Consciousness must come at the price of being normal, of walking away from the common delusion. The seeker must learn how to be okay in their own company, knowing that they see things that others are still refusing to see. Ultimately, one must make choices about their values, paramount of which is the purpose of life.