Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity.

(Lao Tzu)







Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened.

(Jesus of Nazareth)










For a person to feel responsible for his actions, he must sense that the behavior has flowed from the self.

(Stanley Milgram)










We move beyond our present situation by claiming it.

(Johanson & Kurtz)










How do you get to know yourself? In the same way as you get to know others, by spending time with yourself.

(Kenneth Meadows)









We should all know how our lives are going, for we need only track the decisions that confront us every day.

(Deng Ming-Dao)


Become an Affiliate

Remember how thankful you were the last time
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Here is all you do:

1. Sign-up to be an affiliate of BEing There.

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When you become an affiliate, we provide you with information about our products (some of which are free), banners to facilitate your referral, marketing tools, everything you need to begin successfully directing friends and customers to BEing There's site and helping them find the guidance they have been looking for in their pursuit.

Nothing is appreciated more than

good directions at the right time!


You will be appreciated for the direction you give!

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BEing There Affiliate.

It's good for everyone!


Program Information


You must have a website in order to be an affiliate.

If you do not yet have a website, we can help you get started. Our web design team can create your web page, obtain a domain name, and provide secure hosting, all for a package price as low as $97 (plus monthly hosting fee). This could cost you many times more if you had to pursue each step of website creation separately. Let our professional team create everything you will need to begin and succeed at your internet business, and save you money in the process. Go here if you want Andrew, from Elegant Website Design, to contact you about designing, naming, hosting, re-designing, or marketing your web-based business. After you have a website, we'd love to have you be an affiliate.

When you sign-up to become an affiliate, you become eligible to receive a generous 30% commission on all membership subscriptions and 20% on all product sales to customers who come to this site from your site. You will have an affiliate account that you can check any time, simply by logging-in with your username and password. In addition to a username and password, the system will give you a Referral URL, which you will use on your site to link customers to this site. When the customer makes a purchase from our site, the system recognizes the customer and the order is marked as having been referred by you. You are credited with the commission.

After signing-up to become an affiliate, our Affiliate Program Manager will make sure that you receive additional marketing information to help you encourage your customers to visit this site and buy the products that will help them in their pursuit of Higher Consciousness. We hope to continue to serve our customers throughout their personal growth. You will get banners for your site that include the Referral URL, free e-courses and free e-books when they are available to offer to your customers, and suggestions on how to maximize your connection to your customers for their benefit.

You will also learn how you can earn commissions from sales that are generated by affiliates that you referred. This "Tell-a-Friend" program creates a second tier affiliate system that also pays you an added 10% commission, in addition to the commission they earn from product sales to referred customers. Encourage your associates and friends to join our affiliate program. We want the customer to get what they need, and we want our affiliates to gain from helping your customers find it here.

If you have not yet signed-up, you can do so now by clicking here. It will take you to the affiliate sign-up form and return you to this site upon completion.

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