Consciousness precedes BEing!

(Vaclav Havel)











When I looked for God, all I found was myself. When I looked for myself, I found God.

(ancient Sufi saying)











Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself.

(Stephen BE)











To love truth is the principle part of human perfection in this world, and the seed-plot of all other virtues.

(John Locke)











Truth is superior to man's wisdom.

(Mohandas Gandhi)

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 Stephen BE


Donna BE


There is nothing you could readily identify as exceptional about Stephen BE or Donna BE. There is no claim to fame, no ordination from an authority, no special abilities, no mystical experiences, no sudden awakening, no astounding intellect, and no super-skills. They are ordinary humans who do their inner work. This makes what they teach so extraordinary: Real skills, for real people, in pursuit of Higher Consciousness and Enlightenment.

Although they both have Masters Degrees in Humanistic Psychology, and have worked for over thirty years in various settings and practices, their professional experience is not anything that anyone else could not duplicate.

It is not anywhere they have been, although they have traveled on five different continents. It's not due to the jobs they have worked, even though they cover a broad spectrum of mental health and emotional services and education not often seen. It is not even the level of expertise they have reached through their professional development, which is considerable. There is something, though, something exceptional that is both profound and subtle. And it will invite out the best in you.

They are licensed psychotherapists (LPC) by the State of Colorado, with over thirty years of professional practice. Their individual resumes include a variety of professional work experience, including crisis intervention centers, community mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, and other related settings. Both have taught in several colleges and universities, and had private practices in psychotherapy for more than twenty years.

The teachers with whom they have studied have certainly been instrumental in their development. Over their thirty-year career they have learned from some of the giants in the field of human growth and potential, each mentor helping to shape their current teachings.

One or both have studied, for periods ranging from 3 intense days up to a decade or more, under James Klee (Abraham Maslow's partner), Ella Mae Sharon (founder of psychodrama J. Moreno's assistant), Sydney Jourard, Ken Keyes Jr., Rolling Thunder, and Yang Jwing Ming. They have studied at The Association for Research and Enlightenment and The National College of Naturopathic Medicine, as well as Transcendental Meditation and Silva Mind Control.

In their continuous search for truth, however it may appear, Stephen and Donna have received significant contributions to their training, understanding and perspective from Deng Ming Dao, Alan Watts, Jou Tsung Hwa, Ramasharaka, Harville Hendricks, Paramahansa Yogananda, Hyemeyohsts Storm, and even Bill Watterson's "Calvin & Hobbes" and the TV show "Kung Fu".

They have been recognized by professional organizations along this diverse career path. Among these, Donna BE was selected as a national delegate to the White House Conference on Aging, in 1981, for innovative counseling programs she created for the elderly. Donna is a Board Certified Professional Counselor (BCPC) by the American Psychotherapy Asssociation. Stephen BE was chosen as the regional Mental Health Professional of the Year in 1986, for the quality of programs he initiated for those with chronic mental illness. But even these rock solid professional credentials are not what make them noteworthy.

By living in accordance with their own truth for three decades, they have learned how to recognize and embrace their lessons as they continue their pursuit of Higher Consciousness. Stephen and Donna have done the work, the same work they ask everyone to do. They have realized a level of consciousness that allows them a vantage point to see in the distance. They have "scouted up ahead", and now can help others make the journey.

The skills they teach are skills they have learned, and continue to learn, in the pursuit of their truth. They practice them every day, in every moment of their lives. There is no separation between who they are and what they teach. Their strongest “credential” is their commitment to their own Personal Truth.

Their philosophy of Personal Truth is as central to their teachings as it is to their identity. As thoroughly explained in their first book, Feeling Your Way Along, the definition of Personal Truth is, “all of your beliefs, values, perceptions and early life experience, of which you have become aware, and for which you have claimed responsibility.”

Personal Truth is an incredibly powerful self-realization, and it gets even more powerful as you grow. As you deal with the issues in your daily life, you encounter infinite opportunity to discover more of your Personal Truth. Consequently, Personal Truth constantly expands when you do your inner work.

Conducting your life in accordance with your Personal Truth allows you to travel a direct path of personal growth, instead of the meandering about most people do in search of their purpose in life. Each step is taken deliberately, and it results in you receiving the exact lesson you need at the perfect time you need it.

Personal Truth becomes a guidance system for conducting your life. And when traveled far enough, a pattern becomes visible from living in Personal Truth. This pattern is described as levels of consciousness, and the journey is named the pursuit of Higher Consciousness.

When someone is living according to their Personal Truth, they are BEing in Truth, or BEing There, hence the name of their business. BEing There Enlightenment Systems, Inc. is a private business whose mission is to assist individuals in dealing with their issues and learning the lessons of Higher Consciousness, in pursuit of their Enlightenment.

Stephen and Donna offer the wisdom acquired from a lifetime commitment to Personal Truth, along with thirty years of professional service to others who are trying to deal with their issues. The personal work they have done, along with their professional experience, enables them to see with the clarity that only comes with Higher Consciousness.

It is this consistency of BEing that makes them master guides in the pursuit of Higher Consciousness. Stephen BE and Donna BE invite you along on this great journey by reading the books, taking the courses, and using the forum,, to discover new teachings and process your experiences with other seekers!

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Elegant Technologies Limited


Andrew BE created Elegant Technologies Limited while working toward his Masters Degree in Business Administration. Seeing the expanding role the internet was playing in business, Andrew combined his training in website design and in business, to create a powerful and unique approach to designing websites.

Andrew begins each project from a business standpoint, to develop a refined website that will serve the specific needs and target market of each individual company. Applying traditional business concepts with the unique resources that only the internet can provide, he does much more than build websites. He builds internet businesses.

If you would like to talk with him about your internet business, visit Elegant Technologies Limited, or call Andrew at (970) 270-5760.

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The Artist

Darrin Haggard

Darrin is a graphic artist who works, lives and plays in California. Darrin worked with to create the art for this website and has a portfolio available for viewing at

He has created art of all kinds, in many mediums for years. He is available for hire, to fullfill any artistic needs one might have. Please feel free to contact him with any questions you might have.

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